Miyajima Mori-no-Yado, a Japanese inn


What is the time and the fare for ferry ?

Please refer to the website of Miyajima Tourist Association linked with our website, which gives you not only on ferry but full of information on Miyajima.

Is there a pick-up service ?

Yes. We have a shuttle bus.
There is a pick-up service from the Miyajima pier to our inn.
We will pick you up from 9:00 to 20:00 for guests only.
In case you do not use our service, it takes about 25 minutes on foot from the pier to this inn.

- In another way -
Maple liner (Fare 300yen /one way)
Business hours : Weekdays,Saturday 7:50to17:30 . Holidays 8:35to17:40.
Fare(700yen to 1,000yen /one way) , Business hours 7:30to19:00.

How can I get there by car ?

(1) Streets in Miyajima are not very wide or there are almost no car parks in the island.
It is better for you to park your car at car parks in Miyajima-guchi.
As for tranportation in the island, please refer to the question below 'Is there a pick-up service ? '
(2) If you come to the island by car, please take a ferry from Miyajima-guchi.

Can I drive the car in Miya-jima Island?

It is very narrow to see the sights of Miya-jima Island by car and does not recommend it because meeting and parting are difficult. There is not the coin park, too. I stop a car in Miyajimaguchi before the ferry embarkation and should go on board. Our hotel has the pickup service. Please refer for the custody only for baggage willingly.

When is busy season in the season? (Miya-jima Island is the busiest in the year)

It is autumn. Time when a maple changes color from the middle of November in particular to the latter half is recommended. It is big charm of Miya-jima in spring in the sea bathing winter in the cherry tree summer that there are many spots having you enjoy it in total in an oyster dish and a season.

The population of Miya-jima?

1,570 people.

The number of the households of Miya-jima?

847 households.

Tourist number of one year

Approximately 4,300,000 people.

The head count of the deer?

About 400.

When did Itsukushima Shrine enroll in world's cultural heritage?

It is December, 1996.

Will Itsukushima Shrine and Otorii light up at night?

Without the events such as a concert or the fireworks display, usually light it up until 23:00.

What time can Itsukushima Shrine go and worship from?

It is 6:30 a.m. opening of a gate.

What time is the last entering a building (closing the gate)?

It varies according to a season, but is 18:00 in the summer in winter at 17:30.


We answer frequently asked questions from the guests.

How can booking be made ?

For overseas travelers, we only accept booking through JAPANiCAN.com

How should I pay ?

We accept cash in Japanese currency and credit cards as payment.
We do not accept Traveller's cheque.

What is your cancellation policy ?

Cancellation fee will be applied in the following case.

3 – 2 day prior to arrival 30%
1 day prior to arrival 50%
On the date of arrival 100%
No stay without previouse cancellation notice 100%

Do you put us on a waiting list ?

No, we do not have such a list. We only offer a room when there is a cancellation.

Is there a non-smoking room ?

All rooms in the hotel are considered non-smoking.
For smoking, please use the smoking section inside the hotel.

What amenities do you offer in a guest room ?

We offer toothbrush, yukata, bodysoap, shampoo, conditioner, bathtowel, small towel,hair dryer.

Can I have meals in my room ?

Meals are served in the restaurant.
For a group, dinner is served in a banquet room.

Miyajima Inn

Miyajima Mori-no-Yado, a Japanese inn is located inside of Omoto Park
which is encircled by a primeval forest.
Looking out from our inn, you will marvel at its serenity and timeless beauty.