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Miyajima Mori-no-Yado, a Japanese inn

Miyajima Mori-no-Yado, a Japanese inn

At Miyajima Mori-no-Yado, visitors can experience the history and culture of Miyajima, appreciate the beauty of Japan’s four seasons and enjoy delicious traditional seafood dishes.
The inn is located in Omoto Park which is notable for its large fir trees growing near the coastline.
After a long day of travelling, visitors can relax in the large public bath, taste a variety of delicious traditional dishes, and enjoy the tranquility of the forest.


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Large public bath

Please relax the tiredness of the trip in the public bath.
The hotel is located in the 'Omoto Park', which is rare in the world where fir trees grow near the coastline.


Enjoy the taste

Selected ingredients from the Seto Inland Sea.
Fish from the Seto Inland Sea are well known for their plump flesh and full flavor. Our cuisine focuses on seafood from the Seto Inland Sea so guests can fully enjoy the best seafood in season from Hiroshima.


Surrounded by nature

Japanese landscape
Please spend a relaxing time while watching the natural scenery of Miyajima. There are 'Japanese style' room and 'Western style' room so that you can choose according to the style of the trip.

Staying at Miyajima


Available for various purposes

High Quality Service

Fine Access

Our hotel has easy access to popular sightseeing spots in Miyajima.
If you are coming to this area for sightseeing, Please use our inn, 'Miyajima Mori-no-Yado, a Japanese inn',
and you will be discover the wonderful scenery and goodness of Japan.

Welcome to the beautiful island Miyajima.
You have a wonderful time with our warm hospitality
We strive to provide high quality service to all our guest.